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Join us for the 21th anniversary of The Paluxy Pedal! October 1st 2022

The Paluxy Pedal is a fundraiser for the LDL organization. Four different courses will show you the scenic back roads and hills of Glen Rose. Our goal is to make this as safe and fun a ride as possible, so the routes are marked with arrows and signs, SAG is always on the course and rest stops have hydration, snacks and PortaKans.

*This is not a timed race and there are no prizes.

Gotta Love Gravel

A gravel night ride

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Come ride gravel with us in Walnut Springs. Two different courses on beautiful gravel roads. This is a night ride, so bring some lights! The course will be marked and there are 2 rest stops.

*This is not a timed race and there are no prizes.

Due to Covid...

We are doing our best to bring you a safe fun event this fall. However, if Covid cases continue to rise we may have to make some changes to this event.